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Sveriges Tidskrifter/Swedish Magazine Assocation

I became CEO of the Swedish Magazine Association since 2009, before which I was CEO of a publishing group owned by de Telegraaf and Hearst. The international aspects of publishing have always been important to me, so being in involved with FIPP was a natural choice.

As a national association, membership allows us to stay on top of latest global industry trends, participate in the sharing of knowledge between members and in industry conversations, and build international bridges through the networking opportunities membership brings – to the benefit of our members in Sweden and the industry at large.

I highly encourage participation with FIPP and its network – in today’s world, no-one, large or small, is immune to what happens in other markets and sectors. FIPP membership offers you a platform to learn, share and engage with counterparts from around the world. With so much changing in the industry, being part of the FIPP network is invaluable for reasons mentioned above, and more.

Kerstin Neld CEO Sveriges Tidskrifter/Swedish Magazine Assocation, Sweden
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Burda International

I've been actively involved with FIPP since the start of my career in magazine media.

Attending FIPP events has been integral to my knowledge and network development over the years, which in turn has enabled me to build several profitable business units.

FIPP provides support to media companies in their moves to create multi-platform business models, by disseminating best practices and by fostering creative and innovative solutions that continue to engage our consumers.

Comprehensive information on industry developments, as well as innovative training programmes are vital to media companies during this time of transformation, all of which FIPP membership provides.

Frances Evans Director International Licensing and Advertising Burda International, Germany
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Mondadori International

I personally became involved with FIPP some 10 years ago, although from a corporate perspective, Mondadori's engagement dates back to 2001 (the year when the decision to embark on an international expansion was originally taken).

It would be hard to imagine the international development of Mondadori (with more than 40 international editions of its magazines launched in a decade and 23 editions of Grazia currently being published around the globe) without the help of FIPP.

Networking is one of the key reasons to join FIPP - something which is even more valuable in today's disruptive environment where publishers are still struggling with the challenges (and opportunities) triggered by the digital revolution.

The networking opportunities provided by FIPP (whether at the Board Meetings or at the different events organised year after year) provide the perfect environment to promote and foster opportunities for cross-border cooperation.

Training is also a key part of FIPP's offering – and Mondadori regularly sends its executives to training programmes (more than 20 people attended FIPP's courses over the course of the past ten years).

Last but not least, through its website, newsletters and reports, FIPP enables executives to keep up-to-date in real time with the key trends and developments in our industry. This proves truly valuable in today's ever- and fast-evolving environment!

Zeno Pellizzari General Manager Mondadori International, Italy
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Asociación de Revistas de Información (ARI)

ARI and my association with FIPP ...ARI has been a FIPP member since its launch back in 1977 and I have been involved with FIPP since I joined ARI in September 2011. In 2012, I got further involved when I became a member of the FIPP Research Committee and in September 2013 I became a proud member of the FIPP Board.

We use FIPP membership in many ways ...ARI and Spanish media owners benefit from all the great studies, reports and market information provided by FIPP. We learn, build knowledge and get a lot of ideas from every FIPP event. From the World Congress, Ibero-American Conference and Research Forum to others, these offer fantastic opportunities for us to learn more about the latest thinking in our industry. For instance, I feel insights we get from events are ahead of where we are as a market, so it helps us to better understand challenges and opportunities and to compete successfully.

I encourage others to join and engage ...If you are in the magazine media business, whichever format you use to reach and engage your audience, you have to join FIPP. You will benefit tremendously form the knowledge, experience and ideas shared in the FIPP network.

Yolanda Ausín Castañeda Director General Asociación de Revistas de Información (ARI), Spain
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Cue Ball, LLC

Cue Ball joined FIPP back in ... 1999? (Gosh, has it been that long?) Our practice relies upon networking and marketing, and by attending and speaking at FIPP events our practice took off. FIPP membership is an endorsement that a company is serious about cross-border publishing. As publishing has become a truly global industry, Mike Greehan and I encourage anyone in the content business – print, digital, video and marketing – to become FIPP members.

John Cabell Founder & CEO Cue Ball, LLC, USA

Press Reader

Watch the video and listen to Nikolay Malyarov, Chief Content Officer, and Steve Chapman, Director of Content,  to see how PressReader benefit form their membership. Press Reader,
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